GRAMS28 154 City Pack Review

154 City Pack

Here’s why I purchased the 154 City Pack from GRAMS28 and why I now consider it as my best bag for long flights. In a word: convenience.

I’m not the kind of person who likes lugging around a heavy backpack on his shoulders. I prefer to travel light as much as possible, be it just around the city or from one country to another. While it’s true that some of my trips do require me bringing along a backpack or even a suitcase just for clothes, I often find myself hankering for a smaller, lightweight bag to stash my most essential things.

To be perfectly honest, what first attracted me to the 154 City Pack was because it was made from Italian leather. I’m practically a fanatic when it comes to leather products, and the bag did not disappoint. I was immediately impressed with the beautiful craftsmanship and the obvious attention to detail. The bag looked handsome and classy from the get-go.

The compartments inside the bag were expected, of course, but I was still surprised at how organized it looked when I was done storing my essentials. I have a Fuji mirrorless camera that I always try to bring along on my trips, and I had no problem stashing it inside the bag together with my wallet, my tablet, my phone (plus the charging cables), and my travel documents. Believe it or not, I could also comfortably fit a water bottle in there!

GRAMS28 154 City Pack Review

I love it because the functionality is very similar to what a bigger messenger bag provides, but you can still travel around the city without looking like you’re on your way to deliver a subpoena after getting off your bike.

The stylish looks of this bag make it so. Made from full-grain Italian leather sourced from the Gruppo Mastrotto tannery, the construction of the bag lends itself to a somewhat-understated elegance yet highly-functional design. It’s perfect for a guy who wants a high-quality bag as his EDC (every-day carry) but doesn’t want to look like he’s carrying a man-purse. Oh yeah, the GRAMS28 154 City Pack is a gentleman’s bag, no doubt about it.

And that is why this has become my favorite bag to carry on the plane. My bulkier backpack or suitcase is safely stashed away in the plane’s cargo area, and I have the City Pack with me instead. And with the lifetime warranty offered by GRAMS28, I can be sure that I will have this bag with me as long as I want.

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